Agent-based Modeling and Historical Simulation

This post is a draft of an article submitted for publication elsewhere. Comments and critiques are very welcome, whether posted below or sent by email ( For the complete text please email me at The NetLogo models of mine can be found in one place on my profile page at Agent-Based Modeling and Historical […]

DH2013 Talk — Agent-Based Modeling and Historical Simulation

Here are the slides and the transcript from my DH2013 presentation, “Agent-Based Modeling and Historical Simulation,” delivered on Friday, July 19, in Lincoln, Nebraska. What’s interesting to me about social simulation as a kind of science–if we want to call it science–is that it’s fundamentally and unmistakably antirealist in its ontological commitments. What you do […]

Agent-Based Modeling @ Digital Humanities 2013

I’m looking forward to the Digital Humanities conference at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (July 16-19, 2013), where I’ll present an overview of my recent work in agent-based modeling and discuss some of its implications. The title is “Agent-Based Modeling and Historical Simulation.” Here’s a selection from the abstract: This paper will discuss Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) […]